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Advocating for your future.

Your case is as unique as you are. We have lots of different options! Please speak to one of our attorneys before you buy. 


Victim & Survivor

Permits, Paroles & IDs

Applicant Assistance

Conditional Residence

Visas Issued Abroad

Family Petitions

Professional Services




*RIG sets fees based on eligibility, evidence availability and anticipated levels of client cooperation. Cases involving criminal charges, urgency, credibility problems, fraud factors, or difficult to obtain records are subject to approximately 10-20% higher fees. Please note that not all of our services are listed here. Please call our office if you are looking to discuss other services. 

We offer a 1 hour consultation for $330. Please call our office to talk to one of our attorneys before scheduling the consultation.

Ready to start? We're ready to help!
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