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Immigrant Visa Cases

Immigrant Visa Processing

I-864 Affidavit of Support and Civil Documents

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I need one-on-one coaching.

-- You’ll provide RIG with draft financial forms, visa application and civil documents.

-- RIG will review your submission and provide you with a list of suggested evidence.

-- You’ll finalize the evidence and forms and take it on your own from there.


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Full Service

I need help from start to finish.

-- RIG will let you know what we need and when we need it!

-- You’ll provide us evidence and fill out your online questionnaires.

-- We’ll request specific evidence from you to support the case.

-- We’ll draft your visa application.

-- You, your paralegal and your attorney will meet to review and finalize the case.

-- RIG will file the case with the National Visa Center and monitor its progress, informing you along the way.

-- You and your attorney will meet prior to the visa appointment to prepare for the interview.

-- RIG will provide a package of evidence and supplemental documentation to take with you to the consulate.

-- RIG will schedule your medical and fingerprint appointments.

-- RIG will follow up for visa issuance.


Concurrent I-130 and I-129F for Spouse of USC

I-130 and I-129F petitions for spouse of US citizen


I-134A Parole and Financial Support


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