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Applicant Assistance

Second Opinion

If you've previously had a case or issue analyzed and you want a second opinion, RIG is happy to help.

Working in Office

Full Service

I need help from start to finish.

- RIG will request and follow up with files from prior attorneys.

- Your attorney will review the files and draft a recommendation letter.

- You'll meet with your attorney to discuss your options and address any questions.

$750 and up

Review What I've Prepared

You're pretty sure that you don't need an attorney to file your case, but you'd feel better if a RIG attorney looked it over and provided feedback.

Reviewing CV

Full Service

I need help from start to finish.

- You'll provide everything that you plan to file with USCIS to RIG.

- A RIG attorney will review the submission and draft a list of recommendations.

- You'll meet with a RIG attorney to review the suggestions and ask questions.

- You'll decide how you'd like to finalize the application and file it with the government on your own.

$1,750 +

Interview Preparation

You've already filed a case without an attorney or with an attorney who is not going to attend the interview with you and would like to know what to expect and how to prepare.


Full Service

I need help from start to finish.

- A RIG attorney will review your application or petition and all supporting evidence and government notices that you provide.

- The attorney will draft instructions for updating and improving your documentation.

- You'll meet with the attorney to learn about the interview and review suggestions for what to bring to the interview.

- You'll attend the interview and follow up for a decision on your own.


Interview Attendance

In-Person interview attendance available in Denver, Grand Junction, Albuquerque, Phoenix, Detroit, Atlanta and Tampa

Financial Meeting

Full Service

I need help from start to finish.

- Another attorney has prepared your case and met with you about what to expect in the interview, but they cannot attend with you.

- A RIG attorney will go with you in-person and advocate for you during the interview.

- RIG will follow up for a decision.

$750 - $2,500

Federal Lawsuit (Mandamus, Administrative Procedures Act)

Is USCIS taking wayyyy too long to decide your case? Are they being unreasonable? If so, sue them.

$2,500 - $3,750

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