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FOIA (Freedom of Information Act) Requests and Analysis

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Full Service

I need help from start to finish.

-- You’ll provide us evidence and fill out your online questionnaires.

-- We’ll request specific evidence from you to support the file requests.

-- You, your paralegal and your attorney will meet to review and finalize the file requests.

--RIG will follow up for agency responses.

--Your attorney will analyze the agency response and draft clear options letter.

--Your attorney will meet with you to review your options and answer questions.


Crimmigration/Criminal Case Analysis

RIG will work with your criminal attorney to determine which pleas or charges are likely options for your case. RIG will prepare an analysis letter describing how the charges will affect international travel and your ability to become a resident or citizen or petition for family members. Your criminal attorney will meet with your RIG attorney to discuss the analysis. RIG will meet with you to present the analysis.

$2,300 and up

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